Me, Yuo, Us.

During my residence @ EMS Stockholm me and my dear friends (Nichi)Nicola Baratto & Alberto Valz Gris concepted and realized an experimental audio/visual composition. Everything you are going to watch or listen to is completely analogue without any kind of sound or video digital manipulation.
The video is made with an analog video mixer, a handycam from 90s and a couple of self-built switches capable to bend the video signal. The sound part is entirely made with a buchla 200 modular system recorded in Stockholm during my residence. A Photoresistor is pointed to the video screen in order to capture the light variation and retrigger the buchla system.

Recommended headphones, video in full screen and HD 1080.

This first experiment was part of an exhibition took place in Amsterdam @ Burgerweeshuis (Higher Resolutions) the 17th of June 2016.